Fuck, off.
Don't lose it, before it's too late.

Friday, March 19, 2010 ,
7:14 AM
Sibeh Shuang today xD!

Today went out with 13 guys! at midvalley~(pok yeak,xiao mai,duck,yi ern,seo mi,huang

xin,huang xin's bro,jia li,kai wern,wenhui,guo yao,and his friend) LOL we watch "just another

pandora's box" so damn funny la the movie! laugh till stomach ache ! Then we had our lunch at

mac donald! lol i cant eat the french fries because my throat is damn pain..-.-

And then we went to cosmic bowling centre xP~

i score the highest mark in my friends though!! so happy! xP

and we long here long there~~ window shopping~!

that was so fun~ but in the end..i have to take taxi alone go home~ LMAO!

Sunday, March 14, 2010 ,
3:40 AM
Heart Pain Dao!

Today went with mak zi lan,teck leong,jia li+korean mushroom.

that was so fun! xD we went to watch movie(under the mountain) nice movie though,have our

lunch at oasis, i ate roasted chicken rice(gross)! and i bought my PSP go cover for Rm30! (heart

pain)after that i realize i bought the wrong cover! WTH!?
hahhahaha xiao mai keep wanna kao jia li but he dont dare, + xiao mai say he will make 秦朝十

大酷刑if his friend go kao jia li! so scary+ funny! me + de liang keep laugh like siao joR~

Thx to them, i had a nice memories today !xD

Saturday, March 6, 2010 ,
8:42 PM
Goodbye Feb,Meet March,But my heart is still bleeding.Who can release my pain from it?After that day, i realise no one could.

Aiks! Gonna study! study!
Planning to get good results this time!
Maths Is easy though, -.- very confidence getting 90+ in my maths! thx to elynn !! shi fu !
LOL,Chinese new year only get so little money -.-!

Rm2 also got!? wth? -.-|| time flies so freaking slow for me -.-!!

Argh!!!so pressure now -.-! keep study study only! !

Sunday, February 28, 2010 ,
1:32 AM
Exam Gonna Come D..

Did u guys study? ^^ i hope u guys got! p/s don write like my kai mui jia yeng -.- like 忧郁酱-.-

+ don know why, feel like addicted in Hero -Mariah Carey ^^ what a nice song! live long Mariah! ~

1:30 AM


i wont say no to you,not because i do,it's because i love you..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 ,
4:09 AM
Exam !

long time no write liao xD
busy studying . :X
hope all JR3G and H will get


Tuesday, February 9, 2010 ,
3:39 AM
Do i still love her? i dont know..

Dont you ever appear in front of me please! its very struggling to see you with others! argh!
I dont want to suffer like this!
Please Let me go..